You were introduced to those lovable but mischievous twins in the compelling story, Y’all Twins? Now get ready to enjoy more adventures of the twins from Oxford Mississippi, as the girls struggle to cope through their preteen years. Which is Which? contains more hilarious stories about growing up in Oxford and getting away with what they could get away with, because they could and they did.  What makes their stories so enjoyable? They take you into their identical-twin world of shenanigans and you wonder, what will they do next? Or Is there anything they won’t do?

The girls encounter William Faulkner in two of the stories and Katherine, the bolder of the two, bets her cat-eye shooter that he can’t figure out “which is which.” He takes the challenge and the engaging conversation is revealing! Just like their first book, Y’all Twins?, Which is Which? is kid-friendly and is, at the same time, sheer entertainment for people of all ages.


Which is Which